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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

You believe you can summon and direct spiritual forces to create subtle magical effects.

Benefit: You gain the Cure, Defend, and Divine arcana. You gain a +2 bonus to Defend spellcasting checks. Spells you cast tend to have subtle effects — Attack spells seem like unfortunate coincidences for your foes, Cure spells make wounds turn out to be not as bad as they looked at first, and so forth.

Three or more spellcasters with the Wicca tradition can cast a spell as a coven. The magic-users must delay their initiative so they all cast on the same action, and must have chosen one of their number to be the lead caster. The lead caster gains a bonus to his spellcasting check equal to the number of assisting magic-users with the Wicca tradition feat, to a maximum of +13. Characters who do not have at least ½ rank of the appropriate magical skill do not count toward this bonus. If a coven attempts to cast a ritual spell, the bonus from the coven is in addition to the bonus from the Aid Another rules to help perform the ritual.

Rituals: Wiccan rituals require a coven of at least three witches.

Mishaps: Some dark impulse of yours causes the spell to deal damage equal to its level to a friend or loved one.

Modern Horror

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