Werewolf tribes (Apocalypse)

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World of d20d20 Modern Horror
There were significant changes in werewolf tribes between WtA and WtF. These are the WtA tribes, and are listed mostly for completeness. See tribe for WtF tribes.

Each werewolf belongs to a tribe. Before the migrations of the modern age, tribes were strictly based on territory. Membership to a tribe affects your basic outlook, how you view and contact your ancestors, and what gifts you receive from the spirits.


Black Furies

Greek man-hating dyke amazons from hell.

Black Spiral Dancers

Wyrmspawn and proud of it.

Bone Gnawers

Slum-dwelling dogs.

Children of Gaia



Irish bards or Irish drunkards—is there a difference?

Get Of Fenris

Nordic berserkers and misogynists.

Became Blood Talons in WtF.


City wolves and tech-freaks.

Became Iron Masters in WtF.

Red Talons

All humans must die.

Shadow Lords

Who's the master? 'nuff said.

Became Storm Lords in WtF.

Silent Striders


Became Hunters in Darkness in WtF.

Silver Fangs

Decadent lords, mad as hatters. But with very good breeding.

Became Ivory Claws in WtF.


Eastern fang-fu mystics.


Amerindian moderates.


Amerindian fanatics.

Modern Horror

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