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World of d20d20 Modern Horror
There werewolf tribes were changed between WtA and WtF. These are the WtF tribes, and are preferred due to lower numbers and better rules. See Werewolf tribes (Apocalypse) for WtA tribes.

A tribe is a loose society of werewolves, defined by having one of Father Wolf’s children as a totem spirit. There are werewolves without a tribe, known as ghost wolves.



Forsaken Tribes

Table: Forsaken Tribes
Tribe Totem Tribal Gifts
Blood Talons Destroyer Wolf Inspiration, Rage, Strength
Bone Shadows Death Wolf Death, Insight, Warding
Hunters in Darkness Black Wolf Elemental, Nature, Stealth
Iron Masters Red Wolf Knowledge, Shaping, Technology
Storm Lords Winter Wolf Dominance, Evasion, Weather

Pure Tribes

Table: Pure Tribes
Tribe Totem Tribal Gifts
Fire-Touched Rabid Wolf Disease, Fervor, Insight, Inspiration
Ivory Claws Silver Wolf Agony, Dominance, Scourging, Warding
Predator Kings Dire Wolf Nature, Rage, Savagery, Strength

Modern Horror

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