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We know what you need - bigger guns!


Model Type WA Conc Av Cal Dmg Clip RoF Rel Rng Cost
Armalite AR-35 RIF 1 L C 5.56 Cl 5d6 35 30 ST 400 450
Crossfire 4412 SMG 1 L R 44 CL 4d6 1 40 20 VR 200 1400
... Shotgun (rules) SHT -2 12 gauge 4d6 5 2 VR 20
Crossfire 5010 SMG 1 L R 50 CL 5d6 40 20 VR 200 1400
... Shotgun (rules) SHT -2 10 Gauge 6d6 4 2 VR 20
Intratec Double Derringer P -1 P C 50 Mag 5d6 2 2 VR 20 300
Militech Leviathan P 0 J C 50 Mag 5d6 8 2 VR 50 550
SVS RIF 3 N R 7.62 Long 6d6 2 20 3 VR 800 2500


Intratec Double Derringer

Compact and reliable double barrel derringer with serious stopping power.

Militech Leviathan

Militech's largest handgun is designed to fill the niche for super-heavy handguns on the street. It is sometimes carried by military personnel as well.


Crossfire 4412

The Crossfire is a dedicated combination weapon. It is used for roomsweeping by SWAT and military special forces.

The Crossfire consists of a compact electrically operated submachinegun with integral suppressor. Rather than mounting the secondary weapon below the barrel, the Crossfire has an integrated sawn-off pump-action shotgun placed in the frame above the subgun assembly along the entire length of the gun.

The resulting package is short but bulky. The heavy frame negates most of the submachinegun's recoil, giving excellent stability during autofire. A compact four-column magazine holds 40 rounds and lies flush with the square buttstock. A longer, 60-round magazine is available, but it is not popular as it projects from the buttstock and tends to snag on combat webbing. The shotgun uses cased ammunition, as individual rounds must often be reloaded during combat.

Crossfire 5010

This is a more powerful version of the Crossfire 4412, chambered for 50 caliber caseless and 10 gauge magnum.


Armalite AR-35

Light assault carbine. It has an UZI style magazine in the pistol grip which is posisble beacuse of the short length of the caseless cartridge. It is used by second-line CSA troops and the Chicgo Police Department.

SVS Snayperskaya Vinyovka Stolbovoy

The SVS is the successor of the SVD Dragunov and is considered one of the worlds finest sniper rifles. The bullpup design makes a long barrel feasible, and the excellent muzzle brakes enables fast follow-up shots. This gun is semi-auto only and can not fire three-round bursts.