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New rules for your Friday Night Firefights.

Ranged combat

Revised difficulty numbers

Base difficulty numbers for different range bands are as follows:

Range Diff
Point blank 12
Close 17
Medium 22
Long 27
Extreme 32

Unless the target is unaware of the shooter, he can make a close combat defense roll versus the attackers firearms roll at Point Blank range only. Dodging makes a bigger difference if you're within arm's length. Watch any action movie if you need to see how this works.


Firearms Damage

This is a generic damage table for firearms. Damage is same for both cased and caseless ammunition.

Handguns Dmg
Generic Anemic (.22, .32 etc) 1d6..1d6+3
9mm Parabellum, .45 ACP, .38 2d6
10mm , 11mm, .357M, 9mm Long 3d6
12mm, .44 M 4d6
.454 5d6
50M 6d6
14mm 7d6
Rifles Damage
4.5 mm, 5.7 short 2d10
5.56 mm, 7.62 B (AK) 3d10
6.5 mm 4d10
7.62 mm 5d10
9mm B 6d10
12.7mm BMG 7d10
14.7mm B, 15mm BRG 8d10
Shotguns Damage
20G 3d6
16G 4d6
12G 2.75" 5d6
10G 3" 7d6
10G 3.5" Magnum 9d6

Rifles and Armor Penetration

If you look at our damage values for rifles, you will note that rifle uses d10 as damage dice. All weapons which use d10 damage dice are better at penetrating armor.

For a basic rifle round, armor is halved, but not penetrating damage. If an armor-piercing round is fired from this weapon, armor is at 1/3 normal protection, and damage is halved.

Note: See our forthcoming rules for armor penetration.

Shotgun accuracy

Shotguns generally have lousy accuracy since it is difficult to fire a large lead slug through a smoothbore barrel with any accuracy. When firing shot, multiple shots spread in a cone. At longer ranges, multiple targets may be hit.

The listed weapon accuracy for shotguns assume that the weapon fires solid slugs. Shotguns receive a bonus to hit at all ranges when firing shot

Shotgun Bonus Range
Normal +3 50
Sawn-off +5 20

Shotgun penetration

Shotguns firing buckshot at close ranges blast though armor pretty easily but at greater ranges the penetration quickly deteriorates.

A shotgun fired at Point Blank or Close range is treated as armor piercing, but any damage that gets through is not halved. At Medium range, armor protects normally. At Long or Extreme range, armor counts as double it's normal value.

Shotguns lose damage at range, at the range of 1d6 per range increment over short, i.e -1d6 at medium, -2d6 at long and -3d6 at extreme range.