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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

You believe you can channel spirits into people and objects, drawing power or knowledge from those spirits.

Benefit: You gain the Charm, Cure, Defend, and Divine arcana. Spirits and creatures possessed by spirits (including those currently affected by spells you cast with this tradition) suffer a –2 penalty to saving throws to resist your spells.

Rituals: A spirit must be petitioned (Persuasion DC 5 + ½ spell level), which requires one minute. This can be rushed as a full-round action, though with a –10 penalty.

Mishaps: You become possessed by a spirit, which uses your body for a joy ride; the possession lasts for the duration of the spell you tried to cast.

Special: This tradition has been so oddly represented in popular culture, it is hard to disentangle the actual religion of Vodoun from folk magic practices of voodoo or ‘hoodoo.’ For the purposes of Mythic Earth, the voodoo tradition is the generally good intentioned magic of Vodoun, and the hoodoo tradition is where you’ll find zombies and voodoo dolls.

Modern Horror

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