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The Void Engineers are a Convention of Science mages within the Technocracy. Originally called the Void Seekers, this group, like the rest of what was then termed the Order of Reason, was a noble one, seeking to dispel ignorance of unknown places and to light the darkness that made men afraid to travel. They also sought to remove "Bygones" or mythical beasts that again, made travel a problem. Where once it said "Here be dragons" on a map, now a map is just a piece of paper without such fearful mysteries and fanciful warnings.

Of all the Conventions, this has to be the one that is most commonly perceived as the "weakest link", largely in that it fights foes no one really sees and in that its members have wild imaginations and a lust for adventure. It has seen mass defections in the past, such as the Etherdyne Engineers who left and became the Tradition known as the Sons of Ether after their ether theory was thrown out and called "bad science". Many of the entries in the published material speak of possible further defection and of the other conventions coming down hard upon the group in general, with the issue of space station funding withdrawal being used as a constant threat by the Syndicate, to ensure compliance.

In addition to their duty of patrolling the Umbra, or shadow world, and protecting the citizens of the Earth, the Convention also takes part in patrolling and mapping Cyberspace, or the "Digital Web". Their primary rivals in this are their old colleagues, the Sons of Ether and they maintain a sporting attitude to it all, calling it the "great race", which again causes friction with their fellow technocrats.

The favored Sphere of magic practiced by the Void Engineers is Correspondence, also called "Zero Point Theory". However, there is an equal weight given to the practice of the spirit sphere, which the group terms "Dimensional Science". As the Technocrats want to disprove the spirit world entirely, space has, over time, moved from the glorified ether to being a cold and inhospitable vacuum.

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