Vigilante (Dragonstar)

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A vigilante in the Dragon Empire is a hero -an estranged dragon-kin who choose to serve justice in his own way rather than join the elite as a sorcerer. Id does not matter than most vigilantes don't beleive in their connection to dragonkind, and only discovered their supernatural powers through angst and rage; in the eues of thepublic, they are forlorn heroes.

This admiration does not translate to the authorities. The Imperial Police and ISPD loathe vigilantes. Even if some dragon overlords secretly watch overthem and admire their exploits like those of lost children, they will rarely put out a claw to protect thier charges.

Streetwise: The streetwise bonus also applies to the Urban Lore skill.

New Class Skills: Repair (Int), Research (Wis), Urban Lore (Wis), Use Device (Int).

Prestige Classes