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Some thoughts about characters for City of Villains . Since there is no way to tell what the powersets look like, this page is mostly speculation.


Villains on Defiant.

Lady Shadow

(Magic dark/dark blaster). The villainess knowns as Lady Shadow was once Penelope Steele, an eccentric Victorian adventuress and occultist. She was widowed when her husband was killed in a hunting accident in Africa. Left with a large inheritance she travelled the world.

She returned ten years later, looking not a day older. She settled into a comfortable life in high society, but as the decades passed, people began commenting on her apparently agesless beauty, and there were rumours that she literally sucked the life from her companions. She disappeared from the public eye at the beginning of the 20th century.

Lady Penelope is rumoured to have been of service to her Majesty's government of many occasions. Her ability to meld into shadows would certainly make her useful as a spy.

Pseudo Victorian garb: short black jacket, top hat, white breeches (think riding outfit).


Fury's twin sister and protegée of Lady Shadow. Probably Dark/Dark Brute.


Natural Mercenary/Traps mastermind.

Halloween Jack

Claws/Ninjutsu Scrapper, probably technology. Background similar to that of the somewhat heroic Jack on Union. After the death of his creator, conflicts in his programming caused Jack to develop a homicicdal personality, and he has since become arrogant and contemptous of lesser beings (this includes most organics).


Energy Melee/Regeneration (or Energy Aura) scrapper. Former Soviet secret agent and product of Communist Block psionic training program, Energia went rogue after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

  • Update*: I just read that there will be Energy/Energy brutes. so perhaps I will revive the tanker Energia as a Brute with Energy or Invulnerability secondary.


I wanted to make a Energy Melee/SR scrapper when I first saw the Crey Agents in Brickstown. Now I can. Hunter is probably a former Crey Agent (Natural Energy Melee/SR Stalker). I'll save Hunter on Union until pistol scrappers are available. Sigh...


A soulless creature born from the earth under a gallows tree, Mandragora was found by a coven of witches in New England four centuries ago. (Magic Plant Control/Psionic Assault Dominator. Thorny Assault if can find a look I like.)


SS/Dark Brute or Claws/SR Stalker? Metal claws do not look good on a werewolf type critter. SS/Inv is right out for this concept. I'll probably delete Cat Claw and make Wolf a sneaky stalker.

Atomic Vixen

Nuclear research gone wrong. Vixen is a hot (radioactive) female laboratory assistant on a power trip. Science Rad/Rad Corruptor.

Robot Master

World domination: when a snubbing at the club is not enough. (Check Castle Falkenstein for the phrase).

Voodoo Queen (or Reanimator)

Magic Necromancy/Dark Mastermind. I would rather play reanimator as a Herbert West style scientist (Science Necromancy/Poison Mastermind), but that probably only works for zombies. We'll see once CoV goes live.