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The Toreador are an influential vampire bloodline of clan Daeva. They are obsessed with Art and Artistes (note the poncy spelling), and beauty. As a consequence all Toreador are either artists of some kind, or very beautiful.


Toreador retain more of their physical humanity than other vampires, and often more of their mental humanity as well. They're often capable of having sex, and a large minority retain the ability to enjoy it, even as they become elders.

Some are truly exceptional in this respect, and are able to eat food, breathe normally, and do almost all the other things that humans take for granted, including wild monkey sex. This is mostly useful to keep up the masquerade, but it also helps to keep the centuries from growing too boring.

Bloodline Feats

Bloodline Weaknesses

Toreador have a tendency to be overcome with beauty. When confronted with something exceptionally beautiful, they must make a Will save (DC TBD), or become fixated.

Bloodline Qualities

Basic Qualities

Intermediate Qualities

Toreadors can pick Dread Muse as an intermediate quality.

Advanced Qualities

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