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The vampires of clan Daeva are emotional, sensual and desirable. Sexual predators and sensual hedonists alike populate the ranks of these seducers.

Clan Daeva

Among vampire historians, the Daeva are suspected of being one of the oldest clans of the Damned. Their moniker suggests a Persian mythological origin, and their abilities suggest that they could be related to the demons from which they take their name. A few ancient writings suggest that the progenitor of the line was a Kindred known as Aesma Daeva, but vampiric scholars debate whether this individual was actually undead or the writings merely draw comparisons to the Persian demon of lust and anger.

The name “Daeva” predates the commonly accepted origin point of vampire society, generally understood to parallel the ascension of Rome. Certainly, some incarnation of the Daeva existed before then, but whether they had their own society or were merely a rabble of lust-crazed revenants is unknown. After the rise of Rome, the Daeva had become an inextricable part of vampire society, and vampiric history shows that they were very active in the first Camarilla, the first known social contract of the undead.

Clan Feats

Clan Weaknesses

Daeva are natural hedonists, and have -5 Will defense against partaking of anything momentarily pleasurable. This penalty applies even if the Daeva knows that the pleasure will be fleeting and the price steep.

The typical Daeva has the following additional weaknesses: Aversion (garlic, holy objects, thorn bushes), Dependent on Invitation, Offensive to Animals, and Vulnerability (fire, wood).

Daeva never have Pallor of the Grave.

Clan Qualities

Unlike most vampires, Daeva can easily simulate most bodily functions without effort. They can eat and drink, and even enjoy it, though they receive no nourishment from such diversions. They are sexual creatures, and sometimes engage in carnal pleasure even when not hunting.

Ability Scores: You get +2 Dexterity and -2 Will defense. Daeva are gracious, and flow like water. However, they don't have as much self-control as other vampires.

Conditional Bonus: If you are trained in Initiative, you get Skill Focus (Initiative).

Basic Qualities

You can choose from these additional basic qualities:

Superspeed: You get +30 Move, and your move is doubled when you run.

Intermediate Qualities

You must select Seductive Presence before you can select any intermediate qualities. You can choose from these additional intermediate qualities:

Sovereignty: As a free action you can make yourself seem so powerful that people dare not speak or act against you. For 1 round/level, anyone within 30 feet who wishes to attack, oppose, or hinder you must make a Will save (DC 10 + ½ your level + your Charisma modifier). Failure causes him to abort his action and go to absurd lengths to abase himself before you (treat him as dazed for 1d4 rounds). If you attack him, he recovers immediately. A successful save makes the opponent immune for the night. Also, you can only use Sovereignty once per encounter.

This ability is primarily useful to cover a retreat, as anyone affected is unlikely to follow you. If you stay around, they will eventually recover.

This one could use new mechanics.

Advanced Qualities

The intermediate quality Gaseous Form must be selected before any advanced quality can be selected. You can choose from these additional advanced qualities:

Vigor: You get +6 Strength. Unfortunately this strength can be difficult to control, and this Strength does not count when calculating to-hit.

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