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Date: Players: .

Experience: Lots of xp

Loot: Yay loot!

The Black Knight

In which the heroes defeat the undead black knight.

The heroes spent the week after the calamitous banquet in preparation for the quest. They were issued winter gear from the royal armory, and some magic items to aid them in their quest. Foremost of these was a purple pennat, sure to fill the knights with resolve and their enemies with fear. Dorian and Markvart agreed that Jorstag should carry it on his lance since it is traditionally entrusted to a young knight.

They rode north through, through the pass in the Storm Horns, and into the now lawless lands that lay beyond the heart of Cormyr. For a few days, they were followed by a wolf pack, no doubt servants of the Wolf Queen. After a few days, they arrived in a small village which was bustling with activity. The reason for this was soon apparent, for three mercenary recruiters conducted their business in the village square despite the winter cold.

The mercenaries came from the north, and were previously in the employ of Zenthil Keep. They were much cheered by the prospect when they heard of General Delaneys imminent arrival. The Knihts sought out the mercenary camp, and learned that these heavy infantry units were the Red Eagles, Fenrir's Company and Keegan's Company. These were commanded by Captain Lindwurm, the half-ogre Fenrir and Keegan, a dwarf of unsurpassed greed.

The knights met with the merceanry captains and gained valuable intelligence about the lands of Count Lombard. According to the mercenaries, a nearby guard-tower had been abandoned by the guards, and was now occupied by at least a score of undead. While the mercenaries had little interest in the tower, they agreed to let the knights hire one of the mercenary scouts to guide them there.

Meet guards gathering firewood. Shamefaced, they admitted that they had been forced to abandon the keep by one of the young count's new friend, a black knight and his undead minions. The old count died, and his mother and sister had nt neeb seen recently. They had a low opinion of the Count's foreign friends, rakes and fops who preferred effete rapier to honest broadswords.

The knights decide to evict the knight, and soon joined by the guards who side with the crown. Most of the undead are turned to dust by Florian, and rest were dispatched by the knights and the guards. Jorstag called out a bold challenge to the unseen knight, and was soon answered by the black knight, who night impaled the brave knight on his lance. The other knights joined the fight, but it was the paladin's well-placed arrow who felled the black knight.

Note: Ranged smite with arrow by Florian killed the knight (this should qualify him for Knight of the Purple Dragon).

Date: 2007-12-13

Players: Urban, Nordgren, Starfox, Jens, Segmarian.

Experience: 3000 xp

Loot: The defeated black knight carried a +2 longsword (Dorian), a +2 lance (Jorstag), a +1 shield and a +1 full plate.