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This is a list of old warbands from 2007. Sadly, the record sheets have been lost, but warband names may be of historical insterest.


Battles fought with these warbands:

  • The Skeleton Crew fought off BFTBG from a Wyrdstone Hunt
  • The Skeleton Crew fought off some rats from a Wyrdstone Hunt
  • The Skeleton Crew fought off the rats and could continue the mission whatever it was
  • The Hammer of Sigmar tried to catch the Warlock The Skeleton Crew had hired had forced the pirates to flee from a Wyrdstone Hunt
  • The rats fought off The Hammer of Sigmar, by shear number
  • Da Mob was looking for shiny stuff in the ruins when they suddenly was ambushed by Hoeffer's Hussars. Despite being scattered the greenskins makaged to defeat da 'uumis. On his way hone Hoeffer met his old Ogre friend who decided to pay back an old debpt my fighting with Hoeffer for a while
  • A heavily re-inforsed Hammer of Sigmar closed in on an alliance of rats and BFTBG. The alliance tried to break through the defence line and after heavy losses on both sides the alliance managed to drive teh goodie-two-shoes away.
  • The Hammer of Sigmar decided to check if The Skeleton Crew's assurance that the warlock had been sacked was correct. The Pirates found a too easily defended position and after a few losses The Hammer of Sigmar found they had to take the pirates' word for it.
  • While The Skeleton Crew were poking around in old the market place for valuables the rats once again appeared. And now the rats had found themselves a magician. The pirates did however drive the rats away from the area with losses on both sides.
  • The rat magician was quickly reported to the Witch Hunters whi swiftly moved in to take care of the abomination. Though the Hammer was victorious it was a hollow victory as the witch survived the battle.
Warband Type Player Rating Size Battles Wins
Skeleton Crew Marienburg Mercenaries Kroid 200 13 6 4
Hammer of Sigmar Witch Hunters Urban 163 13 5 2
Banda del Vapor Mal Skaven Mange 152 13 3
Da Mob Orcs Kroid 151 16 1 1
Hoefer's Hussars Reikland Mercenaries Segmarian 136 8 1 0
Blood Hounds Possessed Panzerman 77 7 2