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Feat workshop.

Background Feats

If this feat category is added, what should it contain?

  • The skill modifier feats (Alertness etc) could be brought back as background feats, thus sharply limiting their availability.
  • Some mystic feats should be background feats.
  • Feats related to looks. See below.

Import List

Feats under consideration for import.

  • Agile Feint (M&M). Combat. Feint using Acrobatics.
  • Attractive (M&M). Background. A conditional skill modifier.
  • Beautiful Voice (M&M Mecha&Manga). Background. Can use Diplomacy in combat.
  • Bishoujo/Bishounen (M&M Mecha&Manga). Background. Temporary attitude increase while interacting.
  • Daze (M&M). Skill.
  • Distracting Looks (M&M Mecha&Manga). Background.
  • Fascinate (M&M). Skill.
  • Interpose (M&M). Combat.
  • Leadership (M&M). Spend action point to remove condition from ally.
  • Perfect Timing (M&M Mecha&Manga). General. Spend action point to arrive in time.
  • Redirect (M&M). Combat. Redirect missed attack against foe.
  • Set-up (M&M). Combat. Transfer result of interaction to allies.
  • Startle (M&M). Skill. Feint with Intimidation.
  • Taunt (M&M). Skill. Demoralize with Deception.
  • Ultimate Effort (M&M). Spend action point to roll unnatural 20.
  • Zen Strike (M&M Mecha&Manga). Combat. Use Wisdom instead of Strength for martial arts damage.