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The Sabbat is a vampire sect, formed in the late middle ages as a reaction to the repressive policies of the newly formed second Camarilla. Nominally, the Sabbat rejects all Camarilla policies including the masquerade and is at war it.

Sabbat History

When the witch and vampire burnings of the late middle ages disrupted the undead society, many elders reacted with increased repression and forced blood bonding of childer, clansmen, and even permanent residents. As a reaction, bands of Anarchs formed to help protect the interests of younger vampires. These anarchs attacked and diablerized elders, spreading chaos, drawing mortal attention, and encouraging further repression. Even though many sympathized with anyone willing to burn an elder, the movement remained limited in scope until the discovery of Vinculum. It was a way of breaking blood bonds, and it paved the way for revolution.

With blood bonds broken as a way of ensuring loyalty, many elders were hunted down by their retainers. Greatest among these were (supposedly) the Lasombra and Tzimisce antediluvians, slain by their own offspring. Faced with this threat, the second Camarilla was created to fight and crush the rebels. After a few major Camarilla victories, the various rebels were forced to either submit, or get serious. Some chose the first option, but the rest united under the Sabbat banner. Thus began the Sabbat War proper.

By human standards, it has been a very cold war, marked by long periods of stalemate, and battles where casualties are counted by dozens rather than thousands. On the other hand, it lasted for five centuries in Europe, and still rages in America.

Sabbat Politics

The Sabbat is a much looser body than the Camarilla, and though they never admit it, Sabbat policies are almost always the direct opposite of those of their enemy. Practicality stands back to religious fervor, and the tools of the enemy are suspect.

Governing Bodies

The Camarilla modeled itself on the feudal world beloved by the Invictus. The Sabbat, on the other hand, followed Lancea Sanctum into a form of theocracy.


The Black Hand

The Black Hand is a shadowy organization that functions as secret police, assassins, spies, and shock troops in the war against the Camarilla.

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