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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

The Lancea Sanctum is a vampire covenant that looks to Biblical history for its spiritual outlook. The covenant seeks to influence vampire society with the strictures of Longinus, who was believed to be a progenitor turned into one of the Damned by the blood of Christ. The covenant practices a magic that supposedly draws on elements from Biblical times, when God’s will was manifest.

The testament of Longinus

One: That though you are Damned, your Damnation has purpose. It is the will of God that you are what you are, and the will of God is that the Damned exist to show the evils of turning from Him. The evil become Damned; God has taken those worthy of His love to His own side.
Two: That what you once were is not what you now are. As a mortal is a sheep, so are the Damned wolves among them. That role is defined by nature — wolves feed on their prey, but they are not cruel to them. The role of predator is natural, even if the predator himself is not.
Three: That an ordained hierarchy exists. As man is above beasts, so are the Damned above men. Our numbers are fewer so that our purpose is better effected.
Four: That with the power of Damnation comes limitation. The Damned hide among those who still enjoy God’s love, making themselves known only to exemplify fear. The Damned shall make none of their own, for such is a judgment of soul that is the purview only of God. The Damned shall suffer yet more should they slay a fellow to take his soul from him.
Five: That our bodies are not our own. Our purpose is to serve, and when we stray from that purpose, we are to be chastened. The light of the sun excoriates; the flames of a fire purify fleshly evil. The taste of all sustenance other than Vitae is as ash upon the tongue.

Theban Sorcery

Supposedly discovered in an underground crypt in Thebes, Theban sorcery is simply static magic. Its advantage lies in its presentation. While casting Theban spells bring the usual risk of taint, learning it does not. At least not when the student is a vampiric member of the Lancea Sanctum.

Modern Horror

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