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This is a collection of optional rules for D20 Modern.

D20 System 3.5 compatibility

Cumulative subdual damage

Count subdual damage as in ordinary D20 System rules. Target still has to make a Con roll to avoid being knocked unconsious when taking massive subdual damage.

Two-Handed Power Attack

As per the D20 System 3.5 rules, Power Attack gives +2 damage for each -1 to hit penalty if a weapon is held in two hands. This does not apply to light weapons.

Universal Weapon Finesse

As per the D20 System 3.5 rules, the Weapon Finesse feat now applies to weapons that can be finessed. There is no longer any need to take the feat multiple times.


Some optional armor rules...

Armor Damage Reduction

This optional rule is based on a similar rule in Unearthed Arcana, but the mechanics have been streamlined. Rather than listing a separate conversion value for each type of armor, a simpler table is used:

Type     Defense   Protection 
Light       +1       Armor-1
Medium      +2       Armor-2
Heavy       +3       Armor-3
Powered     +4       Armor-4

Masterwork bonus can be applied to protection, mobility penalty and (possibly) max dex bonus. Defense can not be improved.

Vehicle Damage Reduction

Use the rules for Natural Armor to DR in Unearthed Arcana.

Armor Hardness

When using the Armor and Vehicle Damage Reduction, Armour DR counts as Hardness. If this optional rule is not used, armour will not provide any benefit against laser weapons (fire damage) or explosions (sonic damage). A bomb disposal suit makes little sense when using the ordinary armor rules.

Armor Penetration

Certain weapons have an optional Armor Penetration rating. This is the amount of Hardness or Damage Reduction the weapon ignores.