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The vampires of clan Nosferatu are stealthy, strong and terrifying. Their very presence unnerves people, whether by physical ugliness, foul stench or nebulous personal malignance.

Clan Nosferatu

Studies of Nosferatu legend suggest that the clan is relatively young, possibly originating not too long before the rise of Rome, and possibly among the peoples it conquered. Certainly, the Nosferatu were active among the clans of the Camarilla, but proof of their presence before then is spotty at best. And yet, claims occasionally surface about very old vampires who, if not Nosferatu, are strikingly like the Nosferatu. Whether these vampires are indeed members of the same clan, are of some “proto-clan” that became the Nosferatu, or are entirely unrelated can only be guessed at.

Legends of the nosferatu are historically heaviest in central Europe, particularly in Germany, northern Italy and eastern France. Early records describing what seem to be broods of Nosferatu also originate in modern Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, with some indication of presence in north Africa as well. Like the Gangrel, Nosferatu tend to either seek out territories before or after most of Kindred culture bothers with them. Unlike the Gangrel, though, the Nosferatu adapt relatively quickly to the presence of other vampires, relying on their monstrous nature to make a place for them in the society of the Damned.

Clan Feats

Infested, Maw, Patagia, Slimy, Very Slimy.

Clan Weaknesses

The typical Nosferatu have the following weaknesses: Aversion (holy objects), No Shadow, Pallor of the Grave (required), Reek of the Grave (required), Slumber of the Dead, and Vulnerability (fire, sunlight, wood).

Clan Qualities

Ability Scores: You get +2 Strength and -2 Charisma. Nosferatu are monstrously strong, but their personalities stink as much as they do.

Conditional Bonus: A Nosferatu gains Skill Focus (Stealth) if he has Stealth as a trained skill.

Basic Qualities

A Nosferatu can choose from these additional basic qualities:

The Children of the Night: You can get The Children of the Night as a basic quality, but you can only summon rats.

Intermediate Qualities

A Nosferatu can choose from these additional intermediate qualities:

Unseen Presence: You are always taking 10 on Stealth checks to hide or move, and you can move at your normal speed without suffering a penalty. Unless you actively try to be seen or heard, others must make opposed Perception checks to detect your presence.

You can even hide while in plain sight. As long as you are within 10 feet of some sort of shadow, you can hide yourself from view in the open without anything to actually hide behind. You cannot, however, hide in your own shadow.

Advanced Qualities

A Nosferatu can choose from these additional advanced qualities:

Reanimation: As a full-round action, you can animate a reasonably intact corpse as a zombie. It lasts until the next sunrise, and is under your full control. You cannot control more than 1 zombie per level at any one time.

Vigor: You get +6 Strength. Unfortunately this strength can be difficult to control, and this Strength does not count when calculating to-hit.

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