Mission Briefing (Dragonstar)

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Operation Lab Rats

  • Planet of assignment: Xergal IV
  • Mission Classification: intelligence, disinformation


  • Doctor Alana Starflower, Elf/Female/187, Xenobiologist (Imperial Druid/8), is strongly suspected of reporting to the Xerg.
  • She is also known to be sort of a Xerg sympathizer, thinking them an interesting biological phenomena and expression of forced evolution rather than a galactic menace.
  • It is not known whether doctor Starfloweris reporting consciously and willingly or is somehow being used against her wishes.
  • The local Xerg has been defeated militarily, but a Xerg presence remains, acting somewhat like a guerrilla force.
  • The planet is under strict quarantine. No risk of bio-contamination outside the system is acceptable.
  • The Xerg have become harder and harder to detect, perfecting tactics of evasion and stealth.
  • Seemingly random attacks on rear areas are escalating. The enemy is clearly developing a guerrilla sabotage tactic, but any deeper pattern is as yet impossible to discern.
  • Xergal IV is still an imperial natural reservation. Unless dictated by the mission, all contact with and influence upon the local biology is to be avoided.

Mission Plan

  • A trap is being set up. Doctor Starflower will be posted to a seemingly weak sector of the Xergal operation, and reports from her will hopefully goad the Xerg into attacking.
  • The main objective of the operation is the location of the Xerg queen/hive by presenting a good target and goading the enemy into action. To achieve this, a state of unreadiness must be simulated.
  • The official mission is one of data analysis and retrieval. The unit of assignment is a biological lab.
  • Doctor Starflower is in offical command of the station. In order to maintain intelligence integrity, this fiction is to be upheld as far as possible, while not jeopardizing the main objective.
  • Soldiers are to use rear echelon gear only. This means Combat Fatigues and side arms. Regular marine equipment should be stored in lockers at all times, except when doing so would in itself be an irregularity. No power armor or heavy weapons allowed, as the Xerg have consistently avoided contact with groups so equipped.
  • Most operatives will be unaware of the true objective, and should remain so. This area is officially classified as a rear-echelon zone, with comesurate unit readiness.
  • A strike team of Venus Guardians will stand ready in high orbit, with an insertion time of 2 hours. During alert, this insertion time can be reduced down to 15 minutes.
  • A secondary objective is to prevent casualties, except as required by the mission. This is a beta-rated mission, and casualties up to 50% are acceptable. The materiel of the base is considered expendable.
  • A secondary objective is to prevent large-scale ecological destruction.