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You believe you are sensitive to the energies and auras of creatures and objects around you. With training, you can use your mind to affect these energies.

Benefit: You gain the Charm, Divine, and Illusion arcana. You also gain Concentration as a class skill. You gain a +2 bonus on Divination checks. If you cast Attack spells, they deal mental damage. The saving throw DC to resist your spells is Wisdom-based, not Charisma-based. You can only cast a spell if you have magical focus (see page 9), and you must expend that focus to cast the spell with no verbal or somatic components every time you cast a spell.

While you have magical focus (see page 9), whenever you encounter any aura of Strong or Overwhelming power, you can make a Divine check (DC 10) to notice it, without having to cast a spell. The game master might also call for Divine checks when he thinks your character might get a flash of insight. If you beat DC 10, you get a vague sense of the future, enough to know whether something is important. Beating DC 20 grants you a bit of fuzzy information about the future, and DC 30 grants you a few precise pieces of information.

Rituals: There are no rituals for this tradition.

Mishaps: You open your mind too widely. You suffer a penalty equal to half the spell level to Wisdom for as long as the spell’s intended duration.

Modern Horror

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