Knight of the Middle Circle (Dragonstar)

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A Knight of the Middle Circle in the Dragon Empire is a servant of fate. Paladin-like in devotion, but not bound to either good or evil. Instead, certain events are bound to happen (according to the Knight of the Middle Circles creed), and any sacrifice is merited to make those things happen. The future depends on it. For if the powers of fate are twarted, they are forever weakened and the whole future is in peril.

The "Middle Circle" refeered to in the name of the class is the inner wheel of fate, the secret workings of the universe, the middle circle between fate and reality.

A Knight of the Middle Circle often strikes an alliance with a Divine Oracle, as they share similar duties and responsibilities. Unlike a Divine Oracle, a Knight of the Middle Circle is fanatical about this duty, and they often seek out and pursue Divine Oracles who fail in their duty. Some druids also feel sympathetic to the cause of the Knight of the Middle Circle, but their main sponsor is the church of The Magus.

To civlilians, a Knight of the Middle Circle is scary indeed. Seemingly at random, he strikes out violently and causes some disruption - the violent interventions of the order are by far more well known than the peaceful ones.

New Prerequisites

  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Baste Attack Bonus: +6
  • Class Skills: Gather Information (4 ranks), Innuendo (4 ranks), Pilot (7 ranks).

New Class Abilities

  • New Class Skills: Freefall (Dex), Navigate (Int), Pilot (Dex), Research (Wis).
  • Removed Class Skills: Handle Animal (Cha), Ride (Dex).
  • Removed Spells: bless weapon (first level)

Prestige Classes