Divine Oracle (Dragonstar)

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Sponsored by the church of The Magus, it is still unclear which divine power grants the Divine Oracle her powers. It could be The Creator, The Magus or some undefined form of fate.

A Divine Oracle has no clear puspose, no definite mission in life. After all, visions can be both good and evil. Many are quite mercenary, or professionals working for prediction institutes or think tanks. Most of the mystery has fallen by the wayside, replaced by statistics and probabilities. It is still just as hard to get a straight answer out of them, though. And sometimes they just get those powerful, random visions, ordering them to do or say something. And so they must - or lose all their power until they atone.

This class is open to all spellcasters - it is rather common among sorcerers. But Divine Oracles must always remember that they serve a higher power. Sometimes they receive messages that must be spoken and predictions that must be said, and it is not unusual to kill the messenger if the message is unpeasant.

Divine Oracles have a love-hate relationship with the Knight of the Middle Circle class. For a dutiful Divine Oracle, who does asrequired when fate calls, the Knight of the Middle Circle is a staunch ally and companion. But for the Divine Oracle who fails in her duties, the Knight of the Middle Circle becomes judge, jury and excecutioneer in one.

New Class Skills: Research (Wis).

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