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Xp-free Item Creation Option

The XP cost for magic item creation is waived.

Power Component Item Creation Option

  • Item creation can use Power Components. Items made this way require 70% of the full price in gold - 50% as the normal cost, 20% more for power components.
  • The caster level requirement of items with variable bonuses is flexible. It is generally 3 caster levels per +1 of the item if the upper limit is +5, +1 per 2 levels if the upper limit is +10, and +2 per 6 levels on attribute enhancers.

Fast Item Creation Option

  • Item creation takes time based on the needs of the campaign. It takes a break to do any item creation; generally one day for potions and scrolls and a week for other magic items. Several items can be made in this time if conditions allow and resources allow. The DM is free to throw in extra requirements in time and/or materials.
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