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H.A.V.O.C. is a mercenary themed supergroup for City of Villains on the European Defiant server.


Anyone who works in the defense industry knows that you decide on the acronym first and reverse engineer the meaning afterwards. Current suggestion:

Hostile Action Vanguard Operative Command

Mission statement

Our mission is to deliver specialized customer conflict solutions for todays competitive business arena.


Cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war.


Havoc is a mercenary special operations group. Services offered include inflitration, sabotage, wetwork , extraction, but Havoc's forte is without question direct action 81). Havoc agents are available as security consultants and instructors. While the rank and file troops are human and robotic soldiers (2), Havoc recruits agents of all origins and archetypes in order to perform a wide variety of missions. Havoc is an equal opportunites employer. (3)

The military order Havoc! was a signal given to the English army as early as 1385 to direct the soldiery (the dogs of war) to pillage and chaos. (link)

Havoc was funded by one of the western powers as an independent operations group during the cold war. In order to maintain deniability Havoc was organized as a mercenary unit specialized in small scale combat, terror and insurgency opertions. Most of the Havoc command survived an attempt to shut down the operation in the early 1990s and went underground. Havoc resurfaced several years later in it's current form and offered its services on the grey market.

1. Combat operations
2. Mastermind minions
3. We hire the undead as well as the living. If you can pull the trigger, you can be one of our dogs of war!


Lightning bolt (connotations of destructive power) or possibly skull 2. The wolf head (for dog of war) would be nice but it is not available as a supergroup symbol.


Since the carious types of mercenaries have different uniforms, members should have one outfit (perhaps at level 20) that looks similar. This can be pretty much any form of uniform that uses the four darkest black and grey colours.

Women can have military pants, but they are not available for men. T-shirts or bandana can be used for a spot of colour. (Backward) cap is probably good for headwear.

The result should be ragtag but similar. This is appropriate enough since this is a mercenary outfit and not a military unit.