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Questions about rules, the setting and the campaign.

Q: This looks interesting. Can I join this campaign over the internet?

A: No. This is a face-to-face roleplaying campaign, and as such requires physical presence. If you can make it to Linköping, Sweden, every thursday night, then we can discuss the matter.

Q: Can I borrow money from the Corps for magical weapons and armor?

A: No. You can buy military-grade weapons, armor and vehicles at half cost, and you can take a loan from the corps to fincance the purchase. Spellcasters can benefit from the Marine Magic program.

Q: Does the weight of power armor count towards encumbrance? Max Dex bonus for heavy encumbrance is +1, but the Jangala has max Dex +2. The suit weighs 200 lbs, so only very strong characters will be able to use the max Dex. Since the suit is a powered exoskeleton, it is not unreasonable to assume that it carries its own weight. Total mass is still an issue for word of recall and similar spells.

A: Power armor does does not count towards encumbrance. Note that the weight of the Power Armor Kit includes the Hardsuit. Disregard the armor itself this when calculating encumbrance. Of course, any extra equipment attached to the suit, such as a Jump Pack, must still be counted.

Q: Can you use tumble in the Marine M14 Hardsuit (Jangala power armor)? We have allowed this in the past since it is extremely mobile.

A: Power armor counts as heavy armor for movement purposes. The Marine Hardsuit and the Jangala are extremely agile and count as medium armor for movement. This means that a Marine with Armor Mobility and light encumbrance can indeed tumble in power armor.

Q: What kind of action is it to start up the spellware Phase Inducer?

A: It's a free action. The activation and deactivation of the symbiot spellware is a free action, which indicates that spellware activation is made by thought.

Q: Can energy weapons be enchanted?

A: Yes. There are some limitations:

  • You can only add elemental damage of the same type as the weapon.
  • Energy weapon inflict energy damage, and are thus neither piercing, slashing or bludgeoning weapons. This limits the ability selection somewhat.

On the other hand, there are some bonuses:

  • If you have an energy flux weapon, any elemental bonus changes type along with the weapons elemental damage.
  • Due to technomagical synergy effects, elemental damage bonus effects can be added several times to an energy weapon (e.g. flaming +2d6).

Q: Can energy weapons damage incorporeal targets?

A: As a house rule, yes. Our ruling is that elemental attacks work the same as magical attacks against incorporeal targets. Miss chance applies as normal, of course.

Q: The seeking negates miss chance, such as from concealment. Does this include miss chance for incorporeality?

A: While the rules may imply this, our ruling is no. On the other hand, we are considering ghost touch ranged weapons, but have not decided on this yet.