Environmental Adaption (Dragonstar)

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Popular among druids, explorers, field soldiers, and others who must survive in hostile environments, this spellware protects against ambient energy (or lack thereof), allowing the user to survive in conditions of cold, heat, acidity, pollution, toxidity, overpressure, vacuum, and radioactivity. As long as the damage inflicted would be no more than 1d6 points of damage or one point of attribute damage per minute, this spellware provides full protection against the environment. There must still be a medium for the character to breathe - the spell does not protect against the lack of oxygene in vacuum or allow an air-breather to breathe underwater, though it does allow survival with the help of a simple breathing apparatus.

Prerequisites: Implant Spellware, endure elements; Market Price: 2,000 cr; XP Cost: 80; Check DC: 12.

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