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Dragonstar Divine Spellware updated for version 3.5 of the D20 rules.

Item Ref Cost XP Lvl Note
Armor of Faith DaS 30,000 1,200 10 Damage reduction 5/evil.
Armor of Faith DaS 50,000 2,000 10 Damage reduction 10/evil.
Celestial Conversion GG 250,000 10,000 9 Profane. Gain half-celestial (or half-fiend) template . No wings.
Cleansing Light PC 35,000 1,400 9 Project blast of light. Ranged touch attack with 150' range. Damage is 3d8 (5d6 to undead, 5d8 to undead vulnerable to sunlight). DC 15 fort save for half damage.
Divine Sight PC 30,000 1,200 3 Detect invisible creatures with 25'. Useable 10 minutes three times per day.
Enhanced Spellcasting GG 10,000 400 4 One extra 1st-level spell per day.
Enhanced Turing GG 9,000 360 4 Turn undead at +2 pladin levels.
Extra Smite GG 6,000 240 3 Profane. One extra smite per day.
Favored Enemy GG 9,000 360 5 Select one type of evil oputsider or undead. Add+1 to damage per 5 levels within 30 feet vs favored enemy. Works against opponents immune to critical hits.
God's Favor PC 40,000 1,600 4 Move and attack normally (freedom of movement).
Heavenly Shield PC 3,000 120 1 Force field defelcts attacks (+2 deflection bonus) for 5 minutes per use. Useable twice per day. Self or creature touched.
Holy Channeling GG 12,000 480 5 Additional 4d6 holy damage with energy weapon once per day. Extra damage only works versus evil opponents.
Improved Healing GG 4,000 160 3 Sacred bonus of +4 to Charisma when using lay on hands.
Improved Spellcasting GG 12,000 480 17 Cast single 5th-level spell per day. Spell list: break enchantment, commune, dispel evil, ethereal jaunt, greater command, raide dead, righteous might, spell resistance, total protection, true seeing.
Ranged smite GG 15,000 600 3 Profane. Use smite with any ranged weapon.
Turn Outsiders GG 18,000 720 8 Select one type of outsider. These can be turned as undead with twice their Hit Dice.

Changes from the Galaxy Guide

We have added modest level requirement for those Divine Spellware items that did not already have it. Note that only paladin levels count! This is either half the caster level of the item or the level at which a paladin can use the ability.

Divine Spellware available to blackguards is listed as 'profane' in the table above.

Changes from the Player's Companion

Cost of God's Favor is reduced to that of a ring of freedom of movement.

The availability level for Cleansing Light is artifically high since it is described as very rare.

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