Clockwork Soldier (Oscariana invention)

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An improvement on the Clockwork Ballerina. It still lacks true analytical ability, but is capable of following direct orders and navigating in a strange environment. In other ways it functions like a Clockwork Valet.

Unlike the previous versions, the clockwork soldier is sturdy; it has an Endurance of 8. Strength is equal to the reliability rating, and it also has skills in Fisticuffs, Throwing, Close Combat, and Marksmaship equal to this value. It can use human weapons.

The clockwork soldier is able to navigate terrain and identify targets, but not of any higher descision making. It needs to be closely led and monitored in order to take any action at all; it will only attack opponents it has been told are enemies. On the other hand, it is very literal and has abolutely no qualms about following suicidal or evil orders.