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5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

This page contains rules for Urban's 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons games.

House rules


Flanking gives advantage (DMG p. 254).

Potions: You can drink one of your own potions as a bonus action, as per Matt Mercer's house rules.[1]

Character creation

Most importantly, your character must have:

  • A reason to be an adventurer and go on adventures.
  • A reason to adventure with the group.

These points are taken from Luke Hart's character creation rules.[2] His rules will probably be used as written, but assume "PHB only" for now. Ask the DM if you want to use other options.

See below for additional rules.


Depending on the setting, these races may be available:

Ability scores

Use 27 point buy ("standard fantasy").

Additional ability score adjustments from class and background apply in addition to those from race.[3]

Background Modifiers
Acolyte +1 Wis or Cha
Charlatan +1 Cha or Int
Criminal +1 Dex or Int
Entertainer +1 Int or Cha
Folk Hero +1 Wis or Cha
Guild Artisan +1 Int or Wis
Hermit +1 Con or Wis
Noble +1 Int or Cha
Outlander +1 Con or Wis
Sage +1 Int or Wis
Sailor +1 Con or Wis
Soldier +1 Str or Con
Urchin +1 Dex or Cha
Class Modifiers
Barbarian +1 Str and Con
Bard +1 Int and Cha
Cleric +1 Wis and Cha
Druid +1 Wis and Con
Fighter +1 Str (or Dex) and Con
Monk +1 Str (or Dex) and Wis
Paladin +1 Str and Wis
Ranger +1 Dex and Wis
Rogue +1 Dex and Cha (or Int)
Sorcerer +1 Con and Cha
Warlock +1 Int and Cha
Wizard +1 Int and Wis

Duet games

Characters for duet (1-on-1) games are created using the rules below.

  • Ability modifiers for class and background as described above.
  • 30 point buy ("high fantasy") for abilities.
  • Improved point buy, allowing for higher starting stats.
  • Two extra skills or proficiencies.
Improved Point Buy
Score  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Points 0 1 2 3 4 5 7 9 11 13 15


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