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Alternate Self

Limit Beak

You assume the form of another creature. You must build a variant for for yourself using your normal points and limits. This can be any type of creature. You cannot automatically change back - you must either take this power for your new form or break the transformation as if it was a Curse. Your alternate self becomes your natural form, and cannot be detected as a shapeshift except with very close study, powers notwithstanding.

You can learn this power several times to learn to transform into several different kinds of creatures.


Limit Break

You split into two identical creatures. All copies share the same Hits, shot counter, and fortune pool. In detailed time each duplicate moves separately but does the same actions. If both target the same creature, only one gets to roll but gets a +1 bonus per extra duplicate (this is an application of Assist Action). Only one duplicate can perform a Limit Break each round, with the other duplicate(s) assisting.

When one of you is subject to an effect, you can decide to either suffer the effect normally on all duplicates, or have the duplicate that was the target disappear. All but one duplicate disappears at the end of the scene. The last duplicate left is considered "you", the original, there is no difference between the duplicates while they are active.

You can take this power up to three times, gaining a number of additional selves equal to the number of power picks with a single Limit Break.

Fairy Treasure

Basic Action

You can change into a mundane form by isolating all your supernatural abilities and shape them into an item, commonly a piece of clothing such as a shawl. This power is only relevant for supernatural creatures, but can be used as a mechanism for a mundane creature wishing to become a supernatural creature.

When you change into your mundane form, an object is created out of nowhere that contains all your powers. This can be any item but typically it is a piece of clothing or jewelry. It is always the same type of item, but becomes more extraordinary in appearance the more powers you hide in it. It merges with your body when you transform back into your supernatural form. In order to turn back into your fairy form, you need this item. If you do not have it, the effect turning you into a mundane form becomes a Curse.

The mundane form is normally human, but can be any Folk or a normal Animal, as decided when the power is bought. You can get the power several times to gain additional options. In mundane form, you have normal attribute maxima of your race.

When using the power, you can also choose to hide your powers, schticks, and even points of Body in the object, making them unavailable to your mundane form. This always applies to all powers relating to your form, but can be applied to other powers you need to hide as the situation demands. It is not possible to detect your lost powers or gifted nature when you are in your mundane form; they simply are not present to be detected.

Fair Fool


You gift a creature with the power of the fair folk, changing them into a fairy creature and giving them the Incommunicado limitation so that they can only communicate with other fairy creatures. A target that uses powers also gains the Iron Susceptibility method. In addition to this, you must transform a part of the target. You can choose to shrink or grow a body part, or change part of the target into an animal form, typically the upper body of a wolf, the antlers of a deer, the intimate parts of a bovine, or the ears or head of a donkey. If the animal part is beneficial, pick an appropriate Inherent power of the Animal Form that the target gains. This is a Curse. If the effect persists past the end of the story, the target should take the relevant limitations and powers.

Threefold Aspect

Basic Action

You can shift appearance at will between your natural age and three idealized age categories: youth (boy/maiden), adult (father/mother), or elderly (elder/crone). This is not a disguise, your appearance is your own at the appropriate age, rather than that of a new individual. You can change into an idealized age category even if it matches your actual age. The change lasts a scene. As a youth, you gain a +3 bonus on Reflexes but lose one point each of Body and Mind. As an adult, you gain a +3 bonus on Body but lose one point each of Mind and Reflexes. As elderly, you gain a +3 bonus on Mind but lose one point each of Body and Reflexes. Threefold Aspect alters the appearance of clothing and kit to fit your assumed age, but they retain their function. It also alters your mood and outlook, youth tend to be cheerful and optimistic, adults serious and responsible, elders cranky and wise, but this is a roleplaying decision.