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Heat Haze


You can become invisible and move without having to make additional Sneak rolls, but only in fire or brightly lit areas. This is an invisibility power. Invisibility allows you to Sneak as if you had concealment, even in plain sight. Certain powers penetrate invisibility; against such a power ability to sneak in plain sight is lost.

Heat Sight


You discern the temperature of objects and creatures within your Mind meters. This sense extends like a sense of touch to this distance, which means you can "see" in complete darkness, as long as everything is not of a uniform temperature, something that is very rare except in undisturbed cellars, caves and other places with an isolated climate. This has the effects of a Scan stunt, and you automatically spot creatures in this area who are not Sneaking, even if they would be impossible to sense with your normal senses. This sense is blinded if surrounded by heat insulating or cold materials, such as underwater or in a snow storm. You can extend this sense to an area at a distance, with normal range penalties. Normally, you detect any type of heat or fire, but by concentrating on a particular type (by such factors as fuel, temperature, origin etc) you can eliminate all others.

Smoke Form


You assume the form of a cloud of smoke. In this form, you can fly at your normal Move, and you can move through holes and small openings, though this last stunt takes time and is uncomfortable. You become Insubstantial, Incorporeal, and vulnerable to gusts of wind. You can Sneak as if you were in cover if there is any natural smoke or vapors about, as there often is at night or around where people live. You smell strongly of smoke, which makes you stand out in mist.