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  • Paladins may multiclass freely.
  • Full spellcaster level.
  • Most aspects of your Special Mount are based on your character level, once you earn it.
  • Turn Undead ability is based on your hit dice.

Clerical Paladin

A multiclass paladin/cleric able to cast paladin spells may give up his paladin spellcasting ability and add one third of his paladin class level to his effective level as a cleric when casting spells. This adds the paladin spell list to their cleric spell list.

Alternate Mounts

DMG 203 - Guidelines for replacing the steed with something monstrous.


Paladin of Freedom Chaotic good divine liberator

Paladin of Slaughter Chaotic Evil blackguard.

Paladin of Tyrrany Lawful Evil blackguard.

Foot Knight No special mount.

No spellcasting Replace spells with supernatural abilities.