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Fairy Pact

Limit Break or Finisher

You make a pact with another creature, that you must be touching. The creature need not be willing, but you must make a Ride vs. Dodge check against an unwilling creature. A failed roll cannot be attempted again until the next scene.

When you use other powers that are also Basic Actions, you can choose to have them originate at the target of your fairy pact. If you do, use range and cover penalties from you or from the target, whichever is worse. This hides the fact that you are the one who used the power. The target can take a trigger action to aim the power for you. If they do, only count range and cover from their position, not yours.

Fairy pact lasts until the end of the scene or until you use it again to link to another creature. A fairy pact made as a Finisher is a Curse and can potentially last forever.

Fairy Shortcut

Limit Break

You can teleport a number of creatures willing to follow your directions equal to your Mind from one wilderness location to another similar wilderness location. If you begin in faerie, you can teleport to another location in fairy or to the mundane world. If you are in the mundane world, you can only teleport to a similar location in faerie but can use the power later to teleport again; an encounter is likely in the interval. You need not know of an empty location to teleport to; just specify where you want to go, and the power picks a suitable location near your destination.

You must guide the travels of the group, either by accompanying them or by giving them travel directions to follow. Both the start and end of the teleport must not observed by any intelligent creature that are not among those teleported. The teleport is subtle, targets will often be surprised that they arrived so soon. An opposed Ride roll can detect that something odd happened.

Fairy Abduction

Trigger Action (Defense)

Use this power when you suffer a Setback. You disappear, abducted to the abode of a local fairy. While thus abducted you cannot be affected in any way, except possibly with Summon powers. Your host has total power over you, at least for a time, but will usually let you return to the same location in mundane world at some future date - this can be minuted, days, or centuries later. Your abductor usually put some kind of geas or condition on your release, or demands ransom or an exchange. You have a year and a day to fulfill this condition, or you will be abducted again.

Thread of Fate

Basic Action

You can Curse another creature, entwining your fate with that creature's fate with an opposed Know roll. If an attempt fails, that creature is immune to to your use of this power for the rest of the adventure. You can entwine with several creatures simultaneously, but each requires a separate use of this ability. You can release your Thread of fate voluntarily, but only at the end of a play session. It can also be removed from your target as a Curse.

You create a mystic link between you and your victim. Your fates are entwined; you WILL meet again and confront one another again. This makes you certain to survive scenes involving both of you until you meet a third and final time, whereupon the one of you who who is defeated is likely to suffer a very bad fate—allowing the winner to use a Finisher even in a conflict that does not end with either of you actually defeated.

Transfer Focus

Limit Break

You transfer your focus to another character who is within sight. That character can choose to immediately perform a Limit Break, at normal shot cost. If he has no shots left, he can still perform the Limit Break but takes a Hit from backlash.

Transfer Power

Basic Action

You channel one or more Fortune Points to another character you can see. You spend these points, and the target receives them, replenishing any lost Fortune points. If this leaves the target with more than a full Fortune pool, the points must be spent before the end of the round or they return to you.