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Flux is the power of unrealized potential; it is free energy and tension, infinite detail and variation without inherent meaning. Flux revels in randomness, and can produce spectacular but unpredictable results. This gives it an affinity for drunkenness and other inhibition-reducing states. Anything can be created using flux, but in its raw form it is uncontrollable and disruptive.

Alternate Names: Quantum Mechanics, Chaos.


Creature : Whimsies
Skill : Dodge
Attribute : Move
Sense : Intuition
Mood : Reckless, Creative
Blast: Random

Flux Cantrips

Basic Action

You can control small random events, like the roll of dice. You can cause small disorderly mishaps, such as making a precariously balanced object tip. You can accelerate wear and decay, making worn items break. You can cause random sparks and puffs of light to burst forth to provide erratic illumination.