Dodge Metal (Action Powers)

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Main article: Dodge (Action Powers)

Gothic Frame


Your skin turns into elaborate metal armor, giving you a Toughness of Body +6. The armor is obvious, Large, and Noisy.

Metal Block

Trigger Action (Defense)

Use a metal weapon to block incoming attacks; gives a +3 Dodge bonus during the current shot. If an attacker that uses a metal melee weapon misses, his weapon takes damage, reducing it's damage bonus by 1 (to a minimum of +0). A single Repair fixes all this damage.

Metal Hide


Your skin turns into shiny metal, giving you a Toughness of Body +3. This is obvious when close but not at a distance or in poor visibility, similar to Medium size armor.

Resist Piercing

Basic Action

Add your Mind to your soak attribute against piercing damage for the rest of the scene. You are normally assumed to do this at the beginning of each scene, but sometimes you may want to not do it to be more inconspicuous.