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Drink Like the Devil


You are a master of the ancient and esoteric art of speed-drinking. You can drink alcohol at a prodigious rate, and have an uncanny ability to snatch drinks from others nearby. Use this to consume alcohol within reach; this can be either a drink you are carrying yourself, someone else is carrying, or incidental liquor like an open beer barrel or a bottle used as a weapon. You immediately take one Hit from drunkenness, but become focused. If the alcohol was somehow used as a part of an attack (such as using a bottle to attack you), that attack fails.

Flux Focus


When either die comes up a 6 on the die roll for one of your actions, you can focus. The GM might disallow this if you abuse it by making die rolls for petty reasons. You can reroll the dice after you've focused, for example by using Fortune, and the focus is still valid.

Predict Randomness

Trigger Action

Whenever random chance can affect an outcome, you can use this action to predict the result. Since all die rolls in Action involve chance, this allows you to predict the outcome of most actions, just as they are about to occur. The usefulness of this is debatable, but it does allow you to decide whether to use other Trigger Actions triggered by the event you predicted the outcome for.

Wily Stupor


Add the number of hits you have taken to your Dodge. Your dodge will increase as you take additional damage, to a maximum of +3. Does not stack with other Dodge bonuses.