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The M88 Chemical Projector, commonly known as M88 CHP or "Chap" is a multipurpose personal dispersal system for chemical agents. The most common applications are for the dispersal of acid or incendiaries, but on unconventional missions it can be used with various toxins, antibiotics, counteragents, restraining agents or even paint.

It is a compact carbine-like weapon that can project liquids. A large cylindrical canister is attached to the weapon. This canister contains compressed gas as well as the liquid to be dispersed. The reactive components are stored in separate compartments and combined only when dispersed from the weapon, to minimize the risk of operator exposure. Ammunition cannot normally be switched in the field, reconfiguring the weapon to accomodate a new type of ammo requires two minutes and a Repair roll (DC 20).

Chemical projector attacks are ranged touch attacks that ignore anything less than full cover or concealment. They are automatic weapons, fire three-round bursts, and are capable of suppressive fire.

Chemical projectors have a maximum range of five range increments.

Persistent chemicals

Most chemicals used with the chemical projector are persistent. When used with persistent chemicals, a target hit by the chemical projector must make a Reflex saving throw (DC 20) or be covered by the persistent chemical. Targets so covered take half damage each round until a successful saving throw is made. Spending a standard action discarding contaminated garments gives an additional saving throw with a +4 bonus.

Vehicles take persistent damage until the operator spends a standard action trying to get rid of the contamination and succeeds in a Pilot roll (DC 20), until the continuing damage fails to penetrate hardness, or until the vehicle is destroyed. Objects take damage the same way, but are neither allowed saving throws or piloting rolls unless held or worn by a creature.


Acid attacks do either no, half or full damage to objects, depending on the compound used. They can be persistant or not, as desired.


Fire attacks can do either half or full damage to objects and constructs, depending on the composition of the fuel. They can be persistent or not, as desired. Once an object starts burning by itself, the damage of the fire will vary depending on what is burning.

An area covered by suppressive fire from incendiaries fired by a Chemical Projector cannot be seen through, offering 100% concealment.


Entangling fibers that harden on contact with air, hopefully neutralizing targets. The web is not strictly persistent, but the effect is lasting. See Tangle Web for rules.

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