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The M54 CAW (Close Assault Weapon) is a fully automatic large caliber shotgun used by police and military forces in urban combat theatres. It is primarily used for roomsweeping and crowd control.

The CAW is known as the Ripper Gun in Imperial service. A Large or Huge Ammo Backpack is required for sustained fire capability, and it is often carried by Ogryn or other Large troopers.


The CAW gains a +4 bonus to Supressive Fire when firing shot. This stacks with the bonus from Suppressive Fire Proficiency. Like other shotguns, it does full damage in the first range increment, and one die less for each subsequent range increment.


This is a more high tech scaled up version of the bluderblast from Imperial Supply. The CAW is one size category larger, has slightly better range, larger mag and is fully automatic. A range of 50 ft gives it a maximum effective range of 500 ft, which is roughly that of the real-world H&K CAW.

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