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An ammo backpack is a back-mounted ammo cannister and feeding mechanism mainly used with automatic weapons used for suppressive fire and with flame throwers. It comes in three different sizes, roughly equivalent to light, medium and heavy armor in bulk - and requiring the approptiate armor proficiency to use well. The magic pack uses magic similiar to that of a bag of holding to facilitate the carrying of ammunition, and thus combines the best traits of the light and heavu packs.

Ammo Backpacks








Light Ammo Backpack

250 +0 +10 - 0% 30 20 10

Medium Ammo Backpack

500 +0 +6 -1 0% 20 15 40

Heavy Ammo Backpack

1.000 +0 +2 -2 0% 20 15 160

Magic Ammo Backpack

3,500 +0 +10 - 0% 30 20 20

When using an ammo backpack, you gain a prodigious ammo capacity, but the weapon still cannot fire more than it's usual clip size with each action - trying to shoot faster than that will overheat the weapon. To prevent this, weapons are programmed not to allow a higher rate of fire - something a Mechanist can bypass as an easy modification.

Military weapons need not be modified in order to function with an Ammo Backpack - simply insert the feed mechanism into the normal magazine slot. However, you cannot have both an Ammo Backpack and a regular magazine loaded. It is a full-round reload action to hook up or disengage the ammo feeder.

The economy of packaging possible with an ammo backpack makes up for the weight of the pack and feed mechanism, so the ammo contained in the backpack is exactly the same as an equivalent weight of conventional magazines. The cost of the ammo backpack is for the pack and feeding mechanism; the cost of the ammo itself is not included. Thus, there are several possible setups.

Ammo type

Light pack

Medium Pack

Heavy Pack
Minicell 20 loads 625 cr. 80 loads 1.700 cr. 240 loads 4.600 cr.
Heavy Cell 2 loads 600 cr. 8 loads 900 cr. 24 loads 2.200 cr.

Chemical Projector

85 500 cr. 340 1,000 cr. 1340 4.000 cr.
Assault Carbine/Rifle 500 750 cr. 2.000 1.500 cr. 8.000 7.000 cr.
Light Machinegun 330 750 cr. 1.330 1.500 cr. 5.330 5.000 cr.
Heavy Machinegun 200 900 cr. 800 1.100 cr. 2.400 2.800 cr.
Grenades 10 variable 40 variable 160 variable
Rockets - variable 10 variable 50 variable

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