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Bralm is the Suel goddess of industry and insects, Bralm seeks to create a perfectly lawful society where everything has its assigned role. Has a large following among the Scarlett Brotherhood, but is not one of their official sponsor deities.

Bralm (BRAHLM) is depicted as a middle-aged woman with dark blonde hair, sometimes with insect wings. She is friendly with rest of the Suel pantheon but has no close allies there because she judges others on ability, not age or status. Trithereon has earned her enmity because of his individualism, and fiery deities like Pyremius and Joramy are avoided because of her dislike of that element. Her symbol is a giant wasp in front of an insect swarm.

Everyone has a place in a society, and you must master your role even if you don't understand how it is important. Those who know more or are in superior positions must be obeyed; you can learn much by observing those around you. Work hard and be satisfied with your work.

Hive insects follow this path, with some members sacrificing themselves for the betterment of the entire hive. Some splinter churches elevate insects as creatures to be worshiped and keep giant insects as guards or pets. Bralm's clerics act as overseers for complex tasks involving large numbers of people: military captains, farm overseers, mine controllers, slave drivers, and so on. They intercede to prevent destruction of crops by insects and are not above getting their hands dirty to get something done. They enjoy leading groups for the sake of imposing order on a group of independent- minded people. Their prayer times are twilight and dawn.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Weapon: Sawtooth sabre.

Symbol: Giant wasp in front of an insect swarm.

Action Domains

Animal, Life, Order, Plant, Spiritual.

Pathfinder Domains

Animal (Vermin), Artifice (Toil), Death (Murder), Trickery, War.

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

Work together with ten other member's of Bralm's church on a single community project. If no cultists are available, meditate while allowing insects of any type to crawl upon your body. If no vermin is available, you must instead lie facedown in a trench dug into soil and mouth prayers to Bralm into the dirt while scratching yourself with sharp bits of bone or wood. Gain a +4 profane (or sacred, if good) bonus on all saving throws against disease and against effects caused by vermin.


  1. 'Bram's Industriousness (Sp) ant haul 3/day, summon swarm 2/day, or summon monster III (vermin only) 1/day
  2. Swarm Walker (Su) You can walk through any swarm without fear of taking damage or suffering any ill effects— swarms recognize you as one of their own. As long as you stand within a swarm, you gain a +4 profane bonus on attacks of opportunity and on all saving throws.
  3. Swarm Master (Sp) Quickened insect plague 1/day.