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Champion, master of discipline, LG hero-deity of Light, Purity, Courage, and Strength.

Azor'alq is a tall, handsome warrior with a dark complexion. He wears fine chain mail and his helm is topped with peacock feathers. His long curved sword, of elven make, is known as Faruk. Azor'alq is a member of the Baklunish pantheon. In the past, he has been a foe of the demon lords Munkir and Nekir. Azor'alq's sanctum can be entered through the highest peak in the Pinnacles of Azor'alq. There he dwells with his ancient paladins, the Thousand Immortals.

Alignment Lawful Good.

Weapon: Scimitar.

Symbol A depiction of an armed man standing atop a stone summit.

Action Domains:

Life, Light, Metal, Order, Spiritual.