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Air magics deal with gases and atmospheric conditions such as wind, precipitation and cloud formations. It can be quite useful in that it can alter the battlefield itself, rather than the abilities of the combatants, evening the odds in an unfair fight by preventing the use or overwhelming odds or allowing escape from a hopeless battle. It is most practical when invoked over a small area, possibly dangerously powerful if used over wide areas.

Alternate Names: Wind, weather.


Creature: Air Elementals
Skill: Melee
Attribute: Move
Sense: Motion Sense
Mood: Inspired, flexible
Blast: Concussion

Air Cantrips

Basic Action

You can cause local currents in air, causing paper, dry leaves, dust, and curtains to billow and move, cause a cool breeze, and create a draft or move a small cloud. You cannot effect more than a small room full of air (approximately 100 cubic meters). You can create luminescent mist that drifts about and glows.