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Animate Objects

Basic Action

You can imbue existing unattended objects with mobility and a rudimentary mind. This lasts until the end of the next round, but you can spend another Basic Action to renew the effect. You can either animate one object as a Henchman or a number of objects equal to your Reflexes as a group of identical Minions.

Body depends on the mass of the object.
Reflexes is equal to your Maneuver minus the object's Body.
Mind is 1.
Move is 4. They cannot fly but can move as if they were wielded by a human, which can give the impression they can fly.
They have the Impassive and Varmint powers.
They have Melee and Dodge equal to your Maneuver and can make a melee attack for Body +2 damage of a type appropriate to their form.
Maneuver equal to the object's Reflexes

Inertial Dampening

Trigger Action (Defense)

When a target in sight is about to take Concussion damage, you can add your your Maneuver to the targets Reflexes to soak that damage.



You can move through the air instead of along the ground.

Telekinetic Hand


You can manipulate objects within Mind meters of you, just as if you were using your regular hands. This allows you to perform basic tasks, melee attacks, and such at a limited range - which often lets you position yourself out of harms way. This cannot be used with area attacks.