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Cloak of Night


You cloak yourself in darkness. This is an invisibility power. Invisibility allows you to Sneak as if you had concealment, even in plain sight. Certain powers penetrate invisibility; against such a power ability to sneak in plain sight is lost. In this form you both move and take actions while sneaking, tough you still become visible if you attract attention or act against another. You also hide yourself from scrying and any power used to detect or analyze you; in order to learn anything about you, the user of such a power must score an Outcome matching your Reflexes.

Dark Step

Trigger Action (Defense, Combo)

You step into shadow and teleport a short distance - no more than your Mind in meters, ether as an active defense or after any basic action of your own. If done in response to an attack, this adds a +3 bonus to your Dodge for the shot, but you only teleport at the end of the shot; all attacks in the current shot can still target you in the spot you started out at. After a Dark Step you can try to Sneak. This power does not work in bright areas without shadows - there must be shades or darkness for you to step into

Touch of the Dark

Basic Action

You can smell, taste and feel darkness within Mind meters. In this area you can sense things even around corners or behind cover, touching them with umbral tendrils. This has the effects of a Scan stunt, and you automatically spot creatures in this area who are not Sneaking, even if they would be impossible to sense with your normal senses. You can choose to focus on an area at a distance, with normal range penalties. You feel safe in the dark, and are not affected by the supposed terrors of the night (GMs discretion). You automatically spot creatures in a dark area using the darkness and Invisibility (and not other cover) to Sneak. You are never impaired in any way because of darkness, but you still cannot see—colors, script, images, and other purely visual things are imperceptible to this power.

Vacuum Adaptation


You can survive in a vacuum, the power substituting oxygen and mitigating the effects of low pressure and hard radiation. This does not protect from effects powerful enough to be actual attacks.