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Luna, known as Raenei, the Greater Moon, or the Mistress, is Oerth's silver satellite, the companion to the Lesser Moon, Celene. It is known as Mazlateotl among the Olman and as Konola among the Touv. From the perspective of Oerth, it cycles from its new to full phases once a month. Luna is a moody goddess, shifting from light to darkness as her cycle affects her mood and appearance. She is never clear in what she says, and demand that her worshipers decide for themselves what her sayings mean.

To the Elves, she is the goddess of travel, the goddess of hope and subtle influence. Luna is the home of the Elves, their ancestral mother and hope, personification of the Feywild. Her daughters are Lolth and Sehanine, twins who fight over her legacy. It is said that the elves came to Oerth riding Luna, and will depart the same way. Luna slowly moves away from Oerth, and the elves will leave Oerth along with Luna when she finally departs, but this is in the very distant future.

In the Common pantheon Luna the large moon is a moody goddess of secrets, illusion, shadows and magic. Her cult is small but she is a common figure in art.

To the Flan the mysterious moon represents renewal and roads not yet traveled. She leads ever on without revealing where, and is a goddess of aging, menstruation, dreams, and mysterious powers.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Weapon: Scimitar.

Symbol: Round ball, half light, half dark.

Pathfinder Domains

Darkness (Moon), Knowledge (Memory), Luck (Fate), Magic, Trickery.

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

Dance in an isolated place under the light of the moon. If no moonlight is available, pray for the spirits of those who have lost their way and then leave a lighted lantern in a dark area. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on saving throws against illusion spells and effects.


  1. Lunar Dancer (Sp) minor image 3/day, cat’s grace 2/day, or moonstuck 1/day
  2. Moonlight (Sp) You can cast an enlarged sunbeam once per day. The visible effect is a beam of brilliant silver moonlight, but the spell’s effects are unchanged.
  3. Compelling Dance (Sp) You can cast irresistible dance once per day. If you cast this spell-like ability on a willing creature, the target is affected normally by the spell but also gains a +4 sacred bonus on Dexterity checks, Dexterity-based skill checks, and Reflex saves for 24 hours after the effect’s initial duration ends.

Action Domains

Flux, Force, Illusion, Life, Spiritual.