Druid (D&D class)

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Unofficial rules compendium


  • Most aspects of your Animal Companion are based on your character level.
  • Any alignment. Druids in the wild are generally chaotic, but some consider the system of the world to be perfection and are lawful in order to maintain its cycles.
  • A druid or ranger can use the Wild Empathy ability on Plant and Vermin. This does not so much indicate that the druid charms these unintelligent creatures; rather the ranger knows how to act in order not to trigger their attack response and trigger other, social responses instead. Consider most plants and vermin to have an initial attitude of hostile.
  • Druids and rangers can summon certain Vermin using summon nature's ally spells.
  • The special restrictions noted for Wild Shape are not used. Instead, use the revised polymorph spell description.


A common theme here is to reduce the reliance of a sagelike knowledge of the monster books.

Aspect of Nature UA 67 - Elemental aspects instead of normal wildshape.

Druidic Avenger UA 51 - Barbarian-like druid with rage.

Druidic Adept Monklike and rangerlike abilities at the cost of wildshape.

Shapeshift PHII 39 - Animal aspects instead of normal wildshape. Lose your animal companion.

Spontaneous Rejuvenation PHII 39 - Substitute spells for regeneration aura rather than for Summon Nature's Ally.