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New Vermin

Vermin Rules

Vermin are not considered mindless, merely very stupid. They still have an Intelligence of zero, but are not immune to mind-influencing effects. They are capable of learning, but very slowly and in a limited fashion. Vermin with an Intelligence of zero trained using Handle Animal skill can learn a single trick, no more.

This also means that druids and rangers can get vermin as animal companions and summon them with summon nature's ally spells.

Animal Companion Summon Nature's Ally Vermin
Basic I Giant Ant (worker)
Giant Fire Beetle
Monstrous Centipede (large)
Monstrous Scorpion (medium)
Monstrous Spider (medium)
Level 4 (-3 levels) II Giant Ant (soldier)
Giant Bee
Giant Bombardier Beetle
Giant Centipede (huge)
Monstrous Spider (large)
Level 7 (-6 levels) III Giant Praying Mantis
Monstrous Scorpion (large)
Level 7 (-6 levels) IV Giant Stag Beetle
Giant Wasp
Level 10 (-9 levels) V Monstrous Centipede (gargantuan)
Monstrous Spider (huge)
Level 13 (-12 levels) VI Monstrous Scorpion (huge)
Level 16 (-15 levels) VII Monstrous Spider (gargantuan)
- VIII Monstrous Centipede (colossal)
- IX Monstrous Scorpion (garganuan)
Monstrous Spider (colossal)