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You have access to an extradimensional space where you can store weapons and other hand-held gear no larger than Large relative to you. It is not an action to draw, stow, or change one piece of gear to another from Hammerspace. You can store a number of item equal to your Reflexes. Objects in this space are not generally accessible to others but do not have plot immunity and can be stolen with an appropriate interaction Setback. This overcomes the limitations of the Stowed limitation.

Hard Lessons


When you miss an opponent who used an Active Defense, or when you hit someone but fail to inflict damage, you can focus.

Reverse Bullets

Trigger Action (Defense)

You set up a spatial defense field that redirects attacks targeted at you. You gain a +3 bonus to Dodge. If you are missed by a ranged attack while using this power, the attacker takes damage equal to your Reflexes plus his negative attack outcome (wider miss means more damage). The target must be within Dodge meters for you to reflect damage. The damage is of the same type as his original attack.