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This is the name of the Dragonstar campaign run by Urban and Starfox.

It is oriented towards a more institutionalized, orderly universe with an emphasis on Imperial citizens as opposed to people from the Outlands.

The first installment of this campaign will be military in flavor, centered on the Imperial Marine Corps. Characters can be Marines, or non-Marines working in close association with Marines.

The Marine Platoon page describes the organization of a small, independent Marine unit. Note that the number of officers and non-Marines is limited. Most player characters will be Marines. Marine Platoon slots not filled by player characters will be filled by NPCs.

Character Concepts

A couple of typical character concepts:

  • ISPD agent: Drow Elf working for the Imperial Police Special Directorate and charged with subverting Imperial Marine Corps missions according to the will of Emperor Mezzenbone.
  • Marine Officer: A half-dragon, sorcerer or dragonblood who have choosen a career in the marine corps, but usually lacks most military qualifications.
  • Career Officer: A marine with the ambition to become an officer, but without the nescesary bloodline. They will have to fight prejudice and be at least twice as able as noble officers to suceed.
  • Career Marine: A marine who choose to make a career as an NCO in the corps, making the most of the considerable opportunities this gives. The MOS page lists specializations for Marines.
  • Marine Specialist: A professional in a non-combat post, like technician, pilot, wizard or liaison, who has taken employment with the corps.
  • Civilian: There are many civilians who are more or less involved with the Imperial Marine Corps. Examples include journalists, mess crew, bar owners, prostitutes, dependents, batmen and so on. Civlians will find their opportunities for adventure in the corps somewhat restricted, though.
  • AristoCorp Noble: A half-dragon, sorcerer or dragonblood who works in an AristoCorp and has liaison duties with the Imperial Marine Corps. These people are generally about as popular as the ISPD agents.

Double Loyalities

There are many organisations in the Dragon Empire that can claim a Marine's loyalty beside the Corps. Some act overtly, like the Imperial Society, some covertly like the ElvenNation, DwarfCommonwealth or the spy agencies of House Aranath and House Noros.