Diana "Double Down" Dale
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Diana " Double
" Dale
Nationality Hollywood        Hair Blond
Birth date 1911-11-19 Eyes Green
Sex Female Height 5'4"
Birth place Mission Viejo Weight 115 lb
Not very tall but strikingly beautiful, this blonde-haired, green-eyed woman is very eye catching. Not often dressed in the very latest dresses she still has the respect of the "party crowd". When not dressed up she is usually wearing riding pants and leather flight jacket.
Her childhood has left her with a lot of memories of both good and bad times. She feels that her fathers companions betrayed him and this has left her with a cynical attitude towards people.

Sometimes she pities herself and gets drunk, but usually she channels her feelings through music. Ms Dale has become a quite well known musician, partly for being a woman and pilot as well.

She is always most happy while flying. She feels that she leaves all problems on the ground and is truly free while in the air. The only way to keep on flying is to do air combat. While she doesn't like killing, she doesn't feel sorry for the enemies either. "They knew what they where doing when they choose their job."

Body     Chi     Mind     Reflexes
Constitution 5 Fortune 6 Charisma 8 Agility 8
Strength 5 Fu 0 Willpower 8 Move 7
Toughness 5 Magic 0 Perception 8 Speed 8
Skills Schticks
Deceit 11    Leadership Cha
Fix-it 10 Martial Arts Agl
Gunnery 15 Medicine Per
Guns 15 Pilot 15
Intimidation Cha Scholar Per
Intrusion Agl Seduction 15
Investigation Per
Good Looks
Jungle Lord
Clean Shot
Lightning Reload
Fast Draw
Hair Trigger Neck Hairs
Type Caliber Capacity Conceal Short Range Max Range Damage
Beretta M21 .22LR 8+1 P 10 25 6
Mauser C96 7,63x25 10 J 20 100 10
Rifle 30 06 30.06 5+1 NA 100 1000 13*

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